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True passion becomes lifestyle

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horses and heaven

eat sleep work eat sleep work.

So cliché

What am I doing?

Flying with hooves thundering under me

I fucking love it

She’s the only thing keeping me from drowning

Drowning in the sound of the bullet

The bullet that took my horse

And went through me just the same

This new little horse is the only escape

I like her because she’s the same

The same as both my mares I lost

They’re all the same

Fucking special

Perfect infact

But far from easy on the heart

More soul than any human can solve

Big hearts

Equal to the weight of gold

Heavy to carry

So valuable, expensive, hard to part with

Although they have wings

And they lend them to me

I love this

Love being on top of the world

How far to the rainbows?

And the clouds?

How far is heaven girl?

When will we all be together again?